Sunday, 17 April 2011

Veggie patch!

We have been working in the veggie patch this weekend. I love having a veggie patch. Love eating our own vegetables and i also like working in it, its relaxing seeing things grow. So now we pulled out all the summer veggies and got it ready for the winter ones. We also bought a compost. We already have a worm farm for all our food scraps but we needed something more so now we have a compost too.
Veggie patch before...

Veggie patch after.

Compost bin next to rose that is being
moved to the front garden.

Maja, always happy.
The weather have been amazing this weekend. Today we had friends over for some scones and it was lovely to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I love it when it is like this, a bit like swedish summer, not to hot during the day but still warm and then a bit colder at night.

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