Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hard rubbish!

Here in Australia they have something that is called hard rubbish. Once a year i think it is they come to your area and pick up all the rubbish that you want to get rid of. Everyone put it outside their houses and the council drives around with trucks and picks it up. Me an Arron have found so many great things from other peoples trash, its great to go around and see what treasures you can find, these are some of them.

Record player and radio, still working. We are
not using it tho, just put our own stereo on top.

This chair that Diana, my mother in law upholstered.
Before; green, really dirty fabric.
The dogs loved it tho.

After; She also upholstered this one

The bed head is an old door that we just put on
 a stand so that it would get up high enough.

The table and the chairs except for the black IKEA chair.
I still have some painting to do on the chairs.
The table we found like this.

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