Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I have been making muesli for a few years now. It started with me not being able to find a muesli i liked and also realizing how much sugar it is in the store bough muesli so i started to make my own and i love it. It is a bit time consuming and you do need to have a lot of ingredients at home. I can also be a little expensive but at least you know what you are eating and you know that it is super healthy.
When mum was here she fell in love with it and wanted me to give her the recipe, which i will but its hard for me to do because i don't have one. Its mostly for the clusters i suppose that you need a recipe for and i just mix things in a bowl, check the consistency and then i put it in the oven. I'm not very precis with it, sometimes its great and sometimes not that great and i don't mind. I don't like following things, just make it up as i go, sometimes it works and sometimes not. Arron hates this because he is the opposite, he is very precise and he doesn't understand why i don't follow instructions if i have them. Its just the way i like doing things. Anyway, my muesli is in the oven now and i think this one is a good one.

Maja is sitting in her bouncer next to me now and trying to eat her own arm but she doesn't realize that you throw up if you put your arm to far into your mouth which she does over and over again.

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