Monday, 11 April 2011


After a week and a half of first taking care of a sick child and then taking care of a sick me who is not totally recovered i decided that this week we will go to mothers group. I needed to get out, so imagine my disappointment when i get there and no one is there. There is an excursion today and the maternity wife forgot to tell me, fun. So i walked home again and here i am, bored.

Well I'm gona do some sewing now instead. I'm making a winter sleeping bag for Maja. Its getting really cold inside during nights and she is getting to the point where she is to big to be wrapped so i think its time for the sleeping bag, with sleeves to keep them a bit warm too. If you wanna buy a good one they are over $100 and this will be a really good and warm one and it will be for about $40. I did get good, natural and expensive fabric so its a bit more then what you would think when making it your self but its worth it for my little one not to be cold during night.

And now she has woken up, something have changed. She is only sleeping for about an hour between feeds now. Don't know if that is the way it should be or not, but i just have to go with it i suppose. But she is crying and don't seems happy, its like she wants to keep on sleeping but cant. If i take her up in my arms she falls a sleep but i don't want her to get used to that.


  1. Det finns en bok som heter "Växa och upptäcka världen", en bok som vandrade runt bland oss nyblivna föräldrar och har varit guld värd! Den handlar om barnets första levnadsår och alla faser dom går igenom, såsom matvägran, skrikperioder, sömnperioder men också det här med att klänga sig fast i perioder. Ellen hade massa sådana perioder när inget verkade stämma. Den har hjälpt otroligt mycket och då är det ändå bara en bok ;), men värd att kolla upp om du har möjlighet. Kram

  2. Tack Sara, ska defenitivt kolla upp den boken. Behover nat sant som man kan fa lite tips fran. kram