Wednesday, 6 April 2011


We are still a bit sick here or just me and Maja, Lena is sick of not getting enough walks at the moment.

For a few days now i have been trying to find a good baby pants pattern on the Internet but with no luck so today i decided to make my own and here is the result. I might have to change a little bit on the pattern to make them fit her better over the nappy but otherwise they fit perfect, they also didn't take long at all to sew. The fabric Arron printed when he was in screen printing school and we have lots of it and other prints too so i will definitely do more of these. I also would like to make some hoods for her.

Autumn has arrived even tho you cant feel it today with 26 degrees outside but the other day i did some beanies and when i was about to make Maja's i remembered that i got a beanie that Frida my cousin have made and it fits her perfect now.

Maja loves the bouncer.

Ok, so this is a bit weird but lately i have noticed that Maja's poo smell have changed. It now smells like newly baked bread/rising bread. I have never heard of poo smelling like that. I'm sure no one else cares about this but anyway, now you know.

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