Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cloth nappies!

At the moment we are using disposable nappies for Maja and its working great but we both feel that we would like to change to cloth ones. The problem is that i have no idea about anything regarding cloth nappies so i tried to do some research and the first thing i discovered is that they are expensive, so i found a patten and thought that i will sew some, especially since we don't know which ones who work the best for Maja but then i realized that it will be quit expensive to sew some too since i want to use all organic fabrics and they are expensive to buy. So now i don't know what to do. It feels a bit overwhelming, maybe we should just buy some and try them out. I think Cushie Tushies are a big brand that might be good to try out, they have been voted Australia's no. 1 Cloth nappie.

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  1. Hello again. We are using 'itti bitti' cloth nappies -
    I would suggest checking them out. There are options for one size fits all styles so you don't have to keep buying more as bub grows. Also they have styles that have removable and washable liners so if bub has only done a wee you can just take out the bamboo liner and wash rather than wash the whole nappy. They take a little more effort than disposable ones but are worth it. Oh, we do use disposable at night in case bub has any accidents when we're asleep. I hope this helps...iris x