Monday, 25 April 2011

Last night!

Was a bad night, i woke up at midnight buy two people screaming outside our bedroom window, a couple that was fighting. They live a few houses down and this is not the first time they fight and its ugly. Arron was away on a gig and i felt scared and uncomfortable so i called the police, which is not the first time we do either when these guys are fighting. I think after an hour of fighting they finally stopped, don't know if it was because the police came or because they had enough. Then Arron came home and i could relax and go back to sleep, but no, Maja didn't agree on that. For the first time in months she decided to wake up all through the night. I had to get up about every half hour to give her the dummy and she would stop crying and then wake up again. I have no idea what was going on. Anyway we got through it and we have had a great day today, a bit slow but still great. Went for a massive walk in the morning, its been beautiful weather here today. Then i watched a movie, I love you Phillip Morris, it was ok, and now Arron is gone to play a gig again and its me and the girls for the night.
Super cute in her pajamas from her cousins in Sweden

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